GEUP 7 (Site License / Upgrade)

GEUP 7 (Site License / Upgrade)GEUP is an interactive geometry software for math visualization and to perform dynamic math calculations. It allows to create dynamic and general constructions/applications visually by defining math elements through the included construction tools and allows the modification of the construction in real time.
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Summary: GEUP, real time

Concepts: Mathematics, Geometry, Euclid, Algebra, Calculus, Topology, Pythagorean theorem, Axiom

/technology and computing/software

Tags: dynamic math calculations, interactive geometry software, Pythagorean theorem, math visualization, GEUP, general constructions/applications, construction tools, math elements, real time.Summary, real timeConcepts, Euclid, Topology, Calculus, modification, Algebra, Mathematics, AxiomCategories, /science/mathematics/geometry/technology

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