Gift(100 numbers limit)

Gift(100 numbers limit)The Gift (the prize draw software) is an excellent tool for prize draw. It can be used in the prize draw procedure with Digital characters or Alphabetical characters as identification.(Please DO NOT ask me how to pull out a special number, there is no way!)
Gift (The Prize Draw Software) use the advanced stochastic average distributed mathematics algorithm to generate the random numbers to ensure fairness and justice
Gift (The Prize Draw Software) can recognize Digital characters and Alphabetical characters, and show the addtional infromations on the screen.
Gift (The Prize Draw Software) use avoidance algorithms to generate winning numbers, so a number will not be pulled out twice.
All the interface elements of Gift can be defined as you will, including the symbol, background, banner, sound etc.
Gift (The Prize Draw Software) support multi prize levels, and elements of every prize level can be defined individually. And the software will automatic change the skins when prize draw of current prize level is end up.
The software is very easy to use. It is designed according to the real situation, so you may adjust the settings according to your taste simply and effectively.
Gift (The Prize Draw Software) is designed with disrelated mechanisms in design and run, not once has the gift crashesed in the offical oruning.
Gift (The Prize Draw Software) is a powerful software: a variety showing; masked any bit as your will to protect your client’s right to privacy; multiple-display compatible;ect.
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