GPS Location Remover For Photos

GPS Location Remover For PhotosDo you know the most cameras and smart phones will add the GPS location information to your photos when you take pictures? If you post or share them to other places such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, these third-party sites will host your photos and their locations both! In this case, the third-party sites and their users can easily get the locations of you, your friends and family without your permission. This is a potential risk of privacy disclosure! Such as a thief will know the period when you are not at home in usual, especially, if you posted your children photos on the web, the kidnappers can use the GPS location info to track and find your children. So, you must fully control the GPS location info of your photos before post or share them to third-party places. Fortunately, it is very easy today – GPS Location Remover For Photos is just designed for cleaning the GPS location info of your photos to protect your privacy on the web. Just a few clicks, you will never need to worry about the places you live, work or shop will be exposed to the bad guys.
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