GridinSoft Notepad

GridinSoft NotepadSmall, fast and powerful text editor which contains all that is necessary for convenient and functional job with text files. Highlighting more than 50 formats of files! (C/C++, HTML, ASP, PHP, Perl, Pascal..) Built-in spell checker, HEX editor, UNICODE, code templates, auto correction, print preview, bookmarks, export the text with highlighting to RTF, HTML and LaTeX format, support many character sets, scripting engine, evaluate math expressions, regular expressions, the adjusted interface, support file format for Windows, Unix, MacOS.

* Adjustable modes of code highlighting;
* Built-in Spell Checker;
* HEX editor;
* UNICODE support;
* Code Folding;
* Keymapping (Default, FAR, Visual Studio);
* Code Templates;
* Auto Correction;
* Console Output;
* Multi Interface styles;
* Multilingual interface;
* Regular expressions;
* Evaluate Math Expressions;
* Brackets highlighting;
* Print with syntax highlighting;
* Print preview;
* Page Setup;
* Bookmarks;
* Export the text with highlighting to RTF,HTML and LaTeX format;
* Windows/Unix/Mac file formats support;
* Drag-and-Drop support;
* Not required any additional runtime libraries;
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