GstarCAD 2012EX STD

GstarCAD 2012EX STDMajor New Features of GstarCAD 2012EX
Exciting New Functions
Dynamic Block Editor: easy, graphical and powerful new way
DWF Underlay: insert, view and snap into CAD drawings
Super Hatch: use raster images, block
Other: 3D loft, spelling check, object hide/isolate, LISP debugger
Unique GstarCAD Plugins
Dwg Table to MS Office Excel
Polyline Boolean
Text Incremental Copy
Others: Layer Tools, Text on Line, Standard OCF Convertor, PDF to DXF Convertor*
Improvement and Enhancement
More flexible to handle different links to web pages
Raster Data Processing
A number of VBA functions have been rewritten

Differences between GstarCAD Versions
Major Differences between PRO and STD of GstarCAD 2012EX
PRO supports ACIS modeling & editing
PRO supports support Solprof/solview/soldraw
PRO supports Render
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GstarCAD 2012EX PRO
About GstarCAD
GstarCAD is established in 1992 in Beijing, China. Its CAD software has been released since 2002, from GstarCAD 2002 to GstarCAD8 in 2013.
Awards GstarCAD Wins
CMMI v1.2 Maturity Level 3 in Jan 12th,2009
WIPO Creativity Award in Nov 18, 2010
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