HandStory Suite 3.1 Upgrade for Pocket PC

HandStory Suite 3.1 Upgrade for Pocket PCHandStory Suite, acclaimed as"the Swiss Army Knife of media viewers", is reborn with further powerful features. HandStory is the simplest and easiest solution to browse Web Clips, read Text and eBooks, and view Images.
This 4-in-1 application can easily convert images and texts from the Internet right into your Pocket PC handheld with a few clicks. HandStory is must-have software for your Pocket PC. (Free Clip Editor included.)
Plus, now you can view videos on your Pocke PC with HandStory Media Suite 3.1.
For further information regarding HandStory Media Suite 3.1, please visit here.
5 Geekheads from Geek.com!
5 Cows from Tucows.com!
5 Stars from Muchy.com!
5 Stars from Handheld Computing Magazine!
For further information on this new HandStory, please click here.
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