Handy Calculator

Handy CalculatorAdd, subtract, multiply and divide with new application – Handy Calculator.
The ‘for Symbian OS’ logo means Handy Calculator for S60 by Epocware has been successfully tested in Symbian Signed. For more information visit www.symbiansigned.com.
Handy Calculator for your Symbian-based smartphone gives you access to all basic calculator functionality (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, percentage, etc) in prompt and easy way.
Just one touch of joystick allows you to fulfill any math operation with your Handy Calculator. The speed is constrained by how fast you can press the buttons.
Numerous additional options of Handy Calculator that will answer your daily calculation needs:
History list shows 5 last operations;
Last results list contains last 20 results of calculations;
Copy – Paste function allows you to insert calculation results to other applications, etc.
Exact and fast calculations will make your Handy Calculator one of the most frequently used applications on your smartphone.
Being Symbian Signed application, Handy Calculator guarantees high quality operation and compatibility with all S60 3rd Edition devices.
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