Handy Shell + Handy Weather for S60

Handy Shell + Handy Weather for S60Handy Shell provides you with 3 additional Standby screens (Today, Applications, Contacts) and advanced launcher which will completely change your smartphone’s look and increase its productivity. Handy Shell is fully integrated with main smartphone applications: Clock, Contacts , Calendar, Messages, Profiles, Themes. Weather plug-in with 5 days weather forecast for your home city and Handy Weather 1-year subscription is included!
Handy Shell features:
Today view completely replaces Active Standby and collects all important info on your smartphone’s screen.
Digital clock, date, alarms
Application shortcuts
Phone indicators (Bluetooth, missed calls, new messages, new emails, active profile, active theme)
Calendar events
Weather data (5 days weather forecast with weather type icon and temperature)
Applications view gives a fast access to frequently used applications.
Contacts view shows 12 favourite contacts with optional dial or create message actions
Dial and Start allows to find the desired contact or to launch applications directly from any view. Just start typing first digits of phone number or first letters of contact’s/application’s name. Handy Shell will interpret them in T9 manner.
Handy Weather will keep you connected with updated forecast anytime anywhere. All you need is wireless Internet compatibility to get weather news and forecast for 40 000+ preset cities worldwide. 10X faster than a browser! 10X easier! 10X less traffic!
Handy Weather features:
Handy and good-looking views: 5-day temperature graph, 5-day weather forecast, current conditions
Complete wireless weather coverage available: high and low day temperature, weather type icon and text, wind direction, UV index, pressure, visibility and more…
3 types of weather maps: Temperature, Pressure and Satellite
Automatic update forecast (every 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours)
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