Happy Photo Viewer (Personal License)

Happy Photo Viewer (Personal License)View your photos on screen with the information when and where the photos were taken. Simply point to the location of the photos, and enjoy a dynamic slideshow with 256 transition effects, which can be random, fixed, or sequential. It’s up to you to decide how fast your photos are displayed in the slideshow, and how your photos are fit to screen.
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Concepts: Photography, Evolution

/technology and computing/consumer electronics/tv and video equipment/projectors
/technology and computing/programming languages/javascript
/hobbies and interests/arts and crafts/photography

Tags: dynamic slideshow, transition effects, computing/consumer electronics/tv, video equipment/projectors/technology, computing/programming languages/javascript/hobbies, photos, screen, information, location, screen.Concepts, Photography, EvolutionCategories, interests/arts

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