Happy Thanksgiving Screen Saver

Happy Thanksgiving Screen SaverThe Pilgrims arrive and clear the land so they can build their town as the mighty hunter goes out only to find an Indian. Contains sound effects. Our screen savers will work on computers running Windows 95 and up. Our screen savers may be evaluated without cost for 30 days, if you decide to keep it on a permanent basis you must register the screen saver. This trial version will expire in 30 days and quit working if it has not been registered.
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Summary: screen saver, Windows 95, 30 days

Concepts: Windows 95

/art and entertainment/music/music genres/soundtracks
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/technology and computing/hardware/computer

Tags: screen savers, screen saver, Pilgrims arrive, mighty hunter, sound effects, permanent basis, trial version, entertainment/music/music genres/soundtracks/technology, Windows 95Categories, /art, land, town, computers, cost, registered.Summary, daysConcepts, computing/software/shareware, freeware/technology

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