HaushaltsbuchSave money The budget book offers the simplest way to the optimal financial organization and the management of income and expenditure becomes child’s play. Whether household cash register, household treasury administration or supplementary calculator – this package organizes the private finances and the budget.
Easy to use It is very easy to generate revenue and expenditure accounts and to record consumption values of gas, water and electricity. The payment reimbursement calculator also records all payments, such as prescription fees, practice fees, etc., as well as total family income.
Everything at a glance The all-round solution provides an overview of all consumption values and is therefore also suitable for the comparison of alternative offers from other suppliers. If the addresses of the suppliers have been stored in the address administration, a termination to the previous supplier is also quickly completed. And if the household contents insurance is to replace something, it is suitable for devices or e.g. To record furniture purchases and to deposit the guarantee data.
Feature Overview:

Simple and intuitive operation
• Any number of revenue and expense accounts
• Sort the accounts simply by drag & drop
• Capture fixed and variable costs
• Incl. Household goods management with guarantee calculations
• Incl. Recording the consumption values (gas, water and electricity) • Incl. Additional payment calculator (practice fee, prescription fee, etc.)
• Incl. Address management with drag & drop support
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Summary: Incl

Concepts: Expense, Money, Household income in the United States, Management, Cost, Costs, Payment, Receipt

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/finance/personal finance/insurance

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