HDRI Loader Script – V-Ray for Maya

HDRI Loader Script - V-Ray for MayaThis V-Ray for Maya script helps you with setting your scene up for rendering your object with the help of an hdri. It creates a dome light and configures the render globals and makes all necessary connections and when enabling the sun light you have also the possibility to specify the shadow softness.
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Summary: Maya

Concepts: Light, Sun, Sunlight, Shading, 3D computer graphics, Ultraviolet, Book of Optics, Energy

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/technology and computing/software/graphics software

Tags: render globals, Maya script, necessary connections, dome light, shadow softness.Summary, 3D computer graphics, computing/software/graphics software/animation/hobbies, computing/software/graphics software, sun light, hdri, Sunlight, Ultraviolet, Shading, possibility, Optics, V-Ray, scene, object, help, MayaConcepts, Book, EnergyCategories

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