Hexagon Custom shapes for Photoshop & Elements CSH V175

Hexagon Custom shapes for Photoshop & Elements CSH V175Hexagon Custom Shapes for Adobe Photoshop & Elements CSH V175

Hexagon custom shapes for Photoshop CS6 CS5 etc and Elements
100 Hexagon custom shapes for Adobe Photoshop ® CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 etc and Elements 11 – 1. Many different hexagon shapes and honeycomb and hex shapes and many more. All the shapes are in standard Photoshop CSH shapes format and can be loaded via the file open command as well as the edit menu preset manager and via the custom shapes palette load and replace commands. Use the hexagon shapes via the shapes tool found in the Photoshop toolbox. You can also use the shapes with the cookie cutter tool in elements and the hexagon shapes can also be used with the powerful blurring tool, shape blur found in the filters menu of Photoshop

The hexagon shapes can be re-colored, effects applied, layer effects applied, warped, smudged, used as a source for brushes, patterns, distorted, transformed, applied as layers, used with layer effects, combined, blended, opacity set, exported and much more – a powerful toolkit of great designs for any of your projects

The hexagon shapes are for License: commercial use (and personal), royalty-free – use the hexagon shapes to create items for sale such as logos, books, designs, templates, wrapping, posters, leaflets, cards, adverts, documentation, illustrations and much more. All the hexagon shapes are by graphicxtras.com (Andrew Buckle)

Any questions, please contact [email protected] — always happy to help with any questions about the custom shapes. Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Released February 2012
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