Hit-RecorderHit-Recorder is a simplest possibility to get legal and free thousands of songs in the shortest time. Through automatic recording of several radio stations, your music collection will grow up without doing anything for that; Hit-Recorder records up to 20 stations simultaneously. Hit-Recorder could more than record music: you can easy co-ordinate all songs in the Music-Management, burn a music CD with your favourite songs without copy protection, edit the songs with a professional Audio Editor, change ID3-Tags and much more. The CD-Ripper transforms Audio-CD’s like lightning into MP3’s (with title identification), Traffic-Control supervises accurately the data transfer generated by the Hit-Recorder. So you are always well-protected against bad surprises and supplementary expenses. You want to know more details? The Hit-Recorder can communicate with USB-Sticks as well as iPods and copies the selected music files. Furthermore the Hit-Recorder could be installed directly on the USB-Stick, to access the music files at any time and record songs where ever you are. Hit-Recorder is the most competitive ideal solution for a fair price!
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