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HookAPI Source CodeHookAPI can hook most api of windows and api in other user’s DLL, and replace the api to your own api function. It can run on Win9x/WinNT/Win2000/WinXP. The demo include samples below: 1. Hook SOCKET api like socket(), connect(), send(), recv()…, include VC and Delphi sample. 2. Hook file/directory api like CreateFile(), ReadFile(), WriteFile(), DelteFile()…, include VC and Delphi sample 3. Hook Registry api like RegOpen()… and in the source code of HookAPI, include samples below: 4. Hide process: Can not see your process in task manager 5. Socket Crypt: Can Crypt your socket data packet of other network applications. 6. Filter socket Data: can filter packet, tcp port of other network applications like IE, e.g.filter javascript like OpenWindow() of IE. 7. Message filter: filter some message of some window or application, e.g. WM_TIMER. 8. Hide directory or file: can Hide directory and file, can not see the directory or file in explorer.exe and cmd.exe Using HookAPI, You can do many things!
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