HS-BAU Statik und Bauteiloptimierung

HS-BAU Statik und BauteiloptimierungBuilding software for the structural analysis and design optimization area for precast and in situ concrete. For architects, engineers, test engineers, and contractors! Suitable for Windows – Operating Systems. The design is performed for construction materials in accordance with DIN 1045 -1 / DIN EN 1992 / EC 2, partly also for highstrength concrete, steel components in accordance with DIN 18800 / DIN EN 1993 / EC 3, and / or wood components according to DIN 1052 / DIN EN 1995 / EC 5 The stock meshes from 2008 is taken into account. The print edition has been optimized for FreePDF Writer. At the stairs and run disk utility deflection limits are controlled by EC2. In the stability program of the certificate according to DIN EN 1992 and an overview of the exploits of the various methods of detection has been added. Structural bearings are now also partly measured according to DIN EN 1337 and in various thicknesses. The contact plate design has been optimized. Reinforcing steel grades up to 600 are available from BSt version 2012a. New program allows HS-ceiling structure of the building with a flat ceiling. Numerous updates and improvements are included in detail in the current version! Program Modules HS- Konsole assessment concrete console with HBT alternative solution HS-Lager assessment of rubber pads from www.baulager.de HS-Treppe flight of stairs, bearings, bearing assembly and costing module HS-KippSiNa lateral buckling and deflection proof of concrete trusses HS-Trapezblech precalculation from steel – plate roofs HS-Kontaktplatte welding rod steel plates contact with anchor HS-Vordach assessment of roof with / without suspension HS-DLT static continuous beam, with approximate value calculation module HS-WST structural analysis for angular retaining wall, with costing module HS-BoPla precalculation and optimization ground and floor slabs HS-Decke building model with flat ceilings, component optimization and calculation
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