HTML Map Designer Pro

HTML Map Designer ProMap Designer is an utility to simplify creation of images having many clickable areas on your WEB pages. It takes just a moment to create your own hypergraphic image! Built-in easy to use HTML editor helps you to manage a html code obtained. Features: – BMP, JPEG, GIF and PNG graphic formats are supported – Client-side maps and Server-side maps (CERN and NCSA) are supported – Customized friendly user interface – Simple access to marked area you want – Adjustable areas sequence (for the overlaped areas) – Built-in easy-to-use HTML editor – Built-in HTML color generator – Cut, copy and paste – Areas movement is supported – User-definable Snap To Grid – User-definable fill pattern and colors for the areas – Tags and events: ALT, TARGET, OnMouseOver, OnMouseOut are supported – Ability to make area of any form you want – Fast testing the results obtained – Any suggestion?
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