i2usb Universal

i2usb UniversalUse your iPhone as a USB Drive
Just plug your iPhone with a USB cable, it will appear in Explorer.
Put your files on iPhone.
Free from worrying about losing your USB flash drive.
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Summary: iPhone, USB flash drive

Concepts: Flash memory, USB flash drive, SanDisk, File system, Digital camera, Data storage device, Universal Serial Bus, Digital audio player

/technology and computing/hardware/computer components/memory/portable
/technology and computing/consumer electronics/audio equipment/headphones
/technology and computing/consumer electronics/portable entertainment

Tags: USB flash drive.Summary, USB flash driveConcepts, USB flash drive, USB Drive, USB cable, Universal Serial Bus, Data storage device, Digital audio playerCategories, computing/consumer electronics/audio equipment/headphones/technology, computing/consumer electronics/portable entertainment, iPhone, Digital camera, Flash memory, computing/hardware/computer components/memory/portable/technology, SanDisk, Explorer, files, Free

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