idb2MySQLApplication copies tables and views from source DB to MySQL. ADO is used to connect to source.
Import-operation creates SQL-script, which will be sent to PHP-script of web-server. PHP-script loads SQL into MySQL. PHP-script example.
All application settings, including table list, are stored in ini-file. So you can start import automatically by executing application with parameter -i.
ADO-connection to source DB.
Table list for import.
Data-view of chosen tables.
WHERE-clause for imported data.
PHP-script address.
Import settings: create table in MySQL, use prefix for copied table in MySQL, clear data before import, decimal separator, charset (Ansi, Utf-8, Unicode).
Internet settings: Proxy, proxy authorization, authorization for PHP-scrip access.
Service operations
Change interface language;
Trial-version limitations
Only 2 tables can be imported. Only 1000 records in one table can be imported.
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