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Images GeneratorImages Generator is image-editing application in which the small sizes and convenience of using are combined with ample opportunities. Program has tools, which traditionally are used for drawing and editing images. There are tens filters, alpha channel and multiple channels, format converters and many others. The feature of the program is next innovative functions. Gradient fill is carried out with allowance for image area borders. That provides 3D and other effects. Unique method of transformation of raster images is used. This method can be used at processing photos that allows you to receive high-quality realistic images. Vector and raster images are used as a brush. User may create vector brush choosing shape, pattern and colors. Drawing with created brush is carried out on the preliminary given trajectories. The vector brush at movement on a trajectory can change the sizes and angles of turn. There are unlimited amount of shape templates. You can to combine these templates to create new one. Program has built – in mathematical curves. Lines can be carried out by several colors with using of sample color sequences. One of the methods of creation images is selection of image area and it painting. For selection of image area methods based on using of color characteristics of image can be used. One of these methods allows selecting area that contains a specific color or range of colors. Other methods select area, which border consists of points of the specific color or range of colors. Plenty patterns may be used to painting image area. Cool new effects let you to create unique images. The graphic editor allows creating from elements of Web pages as banners and buttons to whole professionally executed Web sites. You can create drawings for engineering and science, painted art, 3d scenes, wallpaper and craft projects, textile patterns, desktop applications, logo, ornaments, trademarks and others. Program can be used by novice users and children.
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