Inetlab.MMS.MM7 Client/Server Source Code

Inetlab.MMS.MM7 Client/Server Source CodeMM7 protocol is designed to transfer MMS from MMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service Center) to MMS VAS applications and to transfer MMS from MMS VAS applications to MMSC. It is based on SOAP messages with attachments using an HTTP transport layer. MM7.NET is managed C# library. Features: * send MMS messages to MMSC * build-in small HTTP server to receive MMS messages from MMSC * ability to extract text, audio and vidio content from MMS message
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Summary: MMSC, Multimedia Messaging, Service Center

Concepts: Multimedia Messaging Service, Internet, Multimedia, Web server, MM7, Instant messaging, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Transport Layer Security

/technology and computing/consumer electronics/telephones/mobile phones
/technology and computing/internet technology/email
/technology and computing

Tags: MMS VAS applications, Multimedia Messaging Service, MMS messages, MMS messageSummary, Messaging Service Center, HTTP transport layer, build-in small HTTP, MMSC, Transport Layer SecurityCategories, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, computing/consumer electronics/telephones/mobile phones/technology, Instant messaging, SOAP messages, vidio content, Service CenterConcepts, Web server, computing/internet technology/email/technology, MM7, attachments, ability, MM7.NET

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