inG8 for Android

inG8 for AndroidRecover deleted text messages, app messages, photos, contacts, and much more from Android phones and tablets. Recovers directly from the device or from the microSD card. Find hidden photos, internet history, and other user data.

What Can it Recover?
Text Messages (SMS) Deleted Recovery
Deleted Photos Recovery
Call History Deleted Recovery
Contacts Deleted Recovery
Notes Deleted Recovery
Calendar Entries Deleted Recovery
Music (MP3)
Chrome History Deleted Recovery
Chrome Auto-fill Usernames Recovery
Chrome Auto-fill Passwords Recovery
Facebook Deleted Recovery
Facebook Messenger Deleted Recovery
KIK Messages Deleted Recovery
WhatsApp Messages Deleted Recovery
Jott Messenger Deleted Recovery
Whisper Messages Deleted Recovery
Text+ Deleted Recovery
TextFree Deleted Recovery
LinkedIn Deleted Recovery
Vkontakte Deleted Recovery
File Hiding Apps
Recover hidden photos from dozens of file hiding apps like Photo Vault and Calculator%. These apps are often used to hide illicit photos from parents and spouses.

Personal Investigations
Besides data recovery, inG8 for Android can help you perform a thorough investigation of the activity on your device. Perform searches, export photos, and create a report on your findings.
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