Instant Invoice n CashBook 10 – 7 User

Instant Invoice n CashBook 10 - 7 UserInvoice and Cashbook software for the small business. Track customer payments and outstanding invoices. Very fast setup and easy to use. Get your first invoice out in no time at all. Preview and print powerful reports and charts instantly like invoice listings, sales by customer, outstanding invoice list, customer statements and more. Can link to cashbook module to prepare bank balances, vouchers, income & expenses reports and more.
Runs on Windows ME, 2000, 2003 Server, XP & Vista. Caters to businesses that do not bill tax, businesses that bill one level of tax and businesses that bill 2 levels of tax (e.g. Canada).
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Summary: Cashbook, Windows ME, Vista, Canada

Concepts: Microsoft Windows, Windows XP, Microsoft, Windows 2000, Business, Windows Vista, Accounting source documents, Windows Me

/finance/accounting and auditing/billing and invoicing
/technology and computing/operating systems
/technology and computing/software

Tags: outstanding invoice list, Cashbook software, Track customer payments, print powerful reports, invoice listings, Accounting source documents, outstanding invoices, Windows Vista, small business, Windows XP, bank balances, expenses reports, customer statements, Windows MeCategories, Microsoft Windows, (e.g., amp, systems/technology, vouchers, setup, businesses, Caters, income, module, time, Preview, charts, sales, Runs, Canada, Server, .Summary, CanadaConcepts, level, auditing/billing

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