IntegraCAD Ultimate 365 + USB stick

IntegraCAD Ultimate 365 + USB stickIntegraCAD Ultimate /365 includes the following engineering calculations:
U/k coefficient calculation
Heat load EN 12831
Radiator selection in one-pipe and two-pipe systems
Heating pipeline calculation
Underfloor heating/cooling
Wall heating/cooling
Fan-coil selection and pipeline in two-pipe and four-pipe systems
Cooling load VDI 2078
Ventilation duct calculation ASHRAE
Potable water pipeline DIN 1988
Drainage pipeline DIN 1986
Draw2Calc for graphical calculations

The program is compatible with Windows 7 – Window 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
The CAD module supports .dwg 2000-2015 read/write.
The report modules supports direct print and .xls export.
All language versions are based on SI units (Watt, Meter, Pascal…)!
IMPORTANT: IntegraCAD Ultimate /365 comes with a valid software licence for 365 days. After the licence expires, the program will stop working. To continue working you must renew your licence. All renewals are eligable for discounts. To find out more go to or write to [email protected]
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