IO_builder_PROLicense of use for 12 months. Main features are: 1- Make an automatic distribution of I/O signals of any Control System in a few seconds. It doesn’t matter neither the brand nor type of hardware. It’s possible to use 8 types of modules with different quantities of channels, and up to 16 I/O Racks with up to 16 modules per rack. Therefore maximum amount of signals is 8192 (16 x 16 x 32). Redundancy criteria can be selected between “different module” or “different rack“, and allow to mix different signals or not in the same module (triple, double and single signals). Each slot can be changed manually. 2- Compare the cost of several architectures. 3- Make a list of signals , within minutes , to be exported to other applications or documents. I/O distribution can be completed with other fields, such as tags and descriptions.
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Summary: other applications, 12 months

Concepts: Module, Type, Control system, Type system, Control engineering, 19-inch rack, Control theory, Power of two

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Tags: I/O signals, single signals, different signals, I/O Racks, I/O distribution, Redundancy criteria, Main features, different quantities, 19-inch rack, automatic distribution, different module&rdquo, different rack&ldquo, computing/computer security/antivirus, Control engineering, Control theory, type, applications, modules, toddlers, slot, architectures, License, channels, matter, brand, hardware, It&rsquo, types, tags, cost, fields, descriptions.Summary, monthsConcepts, list, Power, twoCategories, /technology

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