IOB_Suite_PRO2License of use for 6 months. IOB_Suite is a package of Excel tools to reduce the time of generation of proposals and project design. It minimizes errors, reduces costs, improves the quality of the documentation and makes the engineering work much more efficient. It contains the following tools: 1) IO_Builder: to make an I/O distribution of redundant and single signals. 2) IOB_Utilities: to manage the I/O List, import tags and others, export to another Excel file, etc. 3) Control Cabinet (in beta phase): for the layout of the cabinet and the bill of materials. 4) Bid Generator (under development): powerful tool to generate very quickly the proposal of the automation solution.
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Summary: 6 months

Concepts: Proposal, Proposals, English-language films

/health and fitness/disease/chronic fatigue syndrome
/art and entertainment/visual art and design/design

Tags: fitness/disease/chronic fatigue syndrome/art, I/O distribution, I/O List, Excel tools, Control Cabinet, Excel file, project design, single signals, Bid Generator, English-language filmsCategories, import tags, engineering work, following tools, beta phase, powerful tool, automation solution.Summary, entertainment/visual art, proposals, proposal, redundant, errors, License, costs, IOB_Suite, package, time, generation, layout, quality, documentation, IO_Builder, IOB_Utilities, development, export, monthsConcepts

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