ISO/IEC 20000 Requirements, 210 Requirements Checklist and Compliance Assessment

ISO/IEC 20000 Requirements, 210 Requirements Checklist and Compliance AssessmentThis is a focused and well organized Assessment Checklist with in-depth interpretation of ISO/IEC 20000 requirements. It identifies and explains 210 distinct, auditable requirements that must be implemented to pass the certification audit, and 396 recommended ones.

Every requirement is systematically explained with regard to interpretation, procedures and records, and the way certification auditors will verify conformance. In essence, the self assessment reinterprets the standards into a list of specific actions that need to be taken to achieve conformance, and explains how to implement them in the organization.

It is easy to follow and fill out with one to ten stakeholders, and delivers instant insight with excellent graphical charts and overviews of strengths and weaknesses in your organization.

The Checklist covers all 23 ISO/IEC 20000 IT Service Management Processes:

3.1 Management Responsibility
3.2 Documentation Requirements
3.3 Competence, Awareness and Training
4.1 Plan for Service Management (PLAN)
4.2 Implementing Service Management and Providing the Services (DO)
4.3 Monitoring, Measuring and Reviewing (CHECK)
4.4 Continual Improvement (ACT)
5 Planning and Implementating New or Changed Services
6.1 Service Level Management
6.2 Service Reporting
6.3 Service Continuity and Availability Management
6.4 Budgeting and Accounting for IT Services
6.5 Capacity Management
6.6 Information Security Management
7.1 General
7.2 Business Relationship Management
7.3 Supplier Management
8.1 Background
8.2 Incident Management
8.3 Problem Management
9.1 Configuration Management
9.2 Change Management
10.1 Release Management

Use the self-assessment checklist to plan your project as well as to assess progress – buy your copy today.
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