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ITIL e-ConsultITIL e-Consult Product description of the virtual consultant
Imagine this: You are preparing a presentation as part of an ITIL implementation but cant remember the exact details of a particular process-step. Or, you are tasked with an internal self-assessment of the maturity of the processes in your IT department and have no idea where to start? Or you want an independent expert to review your plans and reports.
Where do you go when you need more information? Who do you call when you need answers?
Do you feel you don’t need a full day of consulting or several days in a classroom since you only have one issue to deal with?
You know that there is the ITIL-ASK service for the one-off questions, but this time you feel that you need a little bit more. You need to pick someones brain … you need instant support!
You can get that one burning question answered quickly. And it won’t be a simple "yes or no", either: you’ll get a discussion of various approaches and the benefits or disadvantages of each and, when possible, a specific recommendation for you given your situation and goals.
Your questions aren’t simple so well try to shed light on the issues you have as we discuss various approaches available to you, cover the benefits or disadvantages you face, and keep your known situation and goals in mind.
Why ITIL e-Consult?
You can ask a question to tap our wealth of information and experience. You can have a discussion, ask for our opinion or to confirm that youre on the right track.
That information base is the result of over 55 years of combined experience in the ITIL and IT Service Management. You won’t get responses based on just one approach but on a myriad of approaches. Not only will we share from
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