iWindowsMobile Communication Suite

iWindowsMobile Communication SuiteiWindowsMobile Communication Suite combines 4 applications that offer you an exceptional experience of managing your Windows Mobile Pocket PC just with fingers. Outstanding graphics and feature-rich yet simple interface enhance your device usability and make it look special!
You receive 4 outstanding best-selling applications worth $70 when purchased separately just for $39.95 and save $30! iWindowsMobile Communication Suite includes the mobile shell of Next Generation Winterface, contact manager FunContact, SMS client SMS-Chat, and soft keyoard ZoomBoard.
Winterface is the Next Generation Shell for Windows Mobile comprising the options of a launcher, a task manager, and multitude of Today plug-ins. Winterface virtually replaces default interface of touch screen Windows Mobile devices and gives the user unprecedented freedom to easily lay out interface exactly the way they like it.
The most prominent features include:
10 pages with icons to applications, settings, and contacts of your choice
full freedom of arranging the icons on pages
certain icons display actual info like memory, power, time, date, etc.
Smooth finger-scrolling technology
Task manager & launcher
Informative lock screen
You can read more about Winterface here
Contact manager FUNCONTACT
Does your contact management routine need a facelift? FunContact adds the impressive phone control to make your contact list trendy. Scroll, call and manage contacts with just the flick of a finger! Now your Windows Mobile touch screen is at its best with integrated finger-sliding management. Scroll through your contact list, call log, favorites and much more! Stunning visual and navigation effects make this the perfect enhancement for your smartphone!
The most prominent features include:
Slide your finger to scroll your contact list
Create a favorites list of the numbers you call the most
Keypad for dialing and T9 contact lookup
Call log with detailed information
Stunning graphics and usability
Integration with SMS-Chat
You can read more about FunContact here.
Threaded SMS client SMS-CHAT
Organize your texts into conversation strings with SMS-Chat! With finger scrolling capabilities, SMS-Chat is designed for the best text messaging possible. Users can easily follow a conversation by scrolling through your message chat with fingertip navigation. Finally, threaded SMS/texting is brought to Windows Mobile!
The most prominent features include:
Threaded messaging
Multiple SMS sending
Forward, resend or delete messages
Full-screen notification for new messages
Quick contacts look up
Multilingual support
Integration with FunContact
You can read more about SMS-Chat here.
Onscreen soft keyboard ZOOMBOARD
ZoomBoard is a high-tech onscreen keyboard for quick and accurate finger typing on Windows Mobile Pocket PC. The popping up magnifying glass provides an instant zoom-in on the keyboard area under your finger. Sliding technology allows for accurate and quick text input. ZoomBoard typing is misprint free!
The most prominent features include:
Slide the screen for accurate typing
Zoomed animated preview while sliding
Supports default word prompting
Adding new words to dictionary
Misprint is hardly ever possible
You can read more about ZoomBoard here.
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