JPEG Imager

JPEG ImagerJPEG Imager is an interactive image compressor and optimizer. It provides various compression controls, a fast real-time preview and handy side-by-side comparison of an image before and after compression. You can fiddle with parameters and observe the effect of changes almost instantly. This will help you find a good balance between image quality and file size. It is also possible to specify the desired file size or compression ratio and let the program adjust the quality controls automatically. JPEG Imager supports compression in JPEG, PNG and GIF, allowing you to easily compare what format is best suited for your images.

Additionally, the program offers a set of basic image manipulation and enhancement tools. With it you can resize and rotate an image, crop the edges, adjust brightness, contrast and color balance, enhance saturation and sharpness, put text or caption on a picture, and more.

JPEG Imager may prove to be very useful if you need to prepare your images for publishing on the Internet.
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