KALNOTE (4 Data Sources)

KALNOTE (4 Data Sources)Database software may not include a facility to scan the data and send automatic reminders without user action which takes time and effort. Missed or late reminders can cost time and money and cause compliance problems. KALNOTE automates this process by working in the background on a computer or server scanning the data regularly and sending out emails based on the data and criteria set down by the user. The criteria can take the form of target dates, renewal dates, due dates or anniversaries and KALNOTE can look ahead to send out advance notices and reminders. Once the criteria have been set, no user interaction is required and the emails are transmitted silently through an SMTP server. If each data record includes data relevant to a person then the email address of that person can be included in the record and selected information from that record can be sent with email to that person. If more than one record qualifying for an email relates to the same person then that person receives a single email with the selected information from all the qualifying records. All emails sent can be copied to nominated supervisors. The system works with most databases and spreadhseets including EXCEL, ACCESS, FILEMAKER, SQL SERVER and SYBASE. With KALNOTE you have these features: * Completely automatic background operation with no user interaction * Uses your data and criteria to generate emails * Recipient addresses can be included in your data records * Emails generated can include selected information from your records * Runs on servers and standalone computers. * No limits on number of records scanned * Works with due dates anniversaries and moving target dates * No installed email application needed * Works with multiple data sources simultaneously and independently KALNOTE is available with 5 licence options to work with 1 – 5 data sources.
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