KanjiBrowze PRO

KanjiBrowze PROKanjiBrowze is a convenient graphical interface to electronic dictionary files in Jim Breen’s EDICT and kanjidic format. The following three main tool dialogs are used:
The Dictionary dialog is used to list all words that match the given criteria.
The KanjiSelect dialog is used to list all kanji that match the given criteria.
The KanjiInfo dialog displays detailed information of a given kanji.
All dialogs are directly linked. The text in any dialog can be used to start a new query in a different dialog, e.g. double-clicking on an item in the Dictionary dialog opens the KanjiInfo dialog to show detailed information about the kanji that were double-clicked. This system allows quick browsing through the information of all installed dictionary files, seamlessly blending all their information.
Standard Features (available as freeware tool at www.stackz.com)
Integration of multiple word and character dictionaries
Multiple match criteria, as for example, indexes from "Kanji&Kana"
Japanese fonts on western Windows (TTF fonts supported)
AutoPaste function for automatic lookup of words from any software
Prints results as lists or flashcards
Advanced features (only in KanjiBrowze PRO)
InPlace conversion kana-kanji for entering kanji
TextPad dialog available for temporary text
KanjiSelect dialog has radical selection dialog
Dictionary has common entries filter
Dictionary lists EDICT word classifications
Dictionary recognizes conjugated verbs and adjectives
Dictionary has floating tooltip window
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