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KeepTool 12 Professional NetworkHora is a compact and extremely powerful program. The consistent user guidance makes it a pleasure to work with. Hora covers everything you need for your daily work. For example:
Database objects such as tables, triggers, sequences, pipes, etc. can be displayed, stored or deleted.
Data contents of tables and views can be filtered, displayed and edited.
Freely definable and pre-defined reports.
Convenient data navigation.
Link to Visual SourceSafe.
Rapid access to the Oracle documentation.
Database sessions can be colour-coded or marked with a logo or bitmap.
PL/SQL and Java methods can be edited and compiled.
SQL commands can be administered and executed.
Powerful SQL query builder.
Export and import of table data, in accordance with Excel(and many other formats)
Administering database sessions.
Administering tablespaces.
Database parameters can be displayed and changed, performance can bevisualised.
We know that working with Oracle databases requires qualified experts. Our job, as we see it, is to present you all the information as clearly and conveniently as possible. That was always one of the strong points of our software. Hora represents a major step forward in this process.

Getting there quicker …
Hora’s navigation system is unique among Oracle tools. You can access every part of your database simply by choosing from the sidebar, clicking a tab register, scrolling, or filtering.

Displaying and changing data
Hora shows you the contents of a table or view as a grid, form or text and guides you automatically to every referenced table. You can enter data, and make changes or deletions. Hora makes everything easier with an integrated reference function, a line copying function and a memo field editor for VARCHAR2 columns and LOBs. In the latest versions we have made things even more convenient. You can sort the data by simply clicking on the column header. And filtering is also possible with a mouse click on the combo box in the column header. Even grouping of data is possible. Just drag the column for the grouping into the Group By box. Do you need to evaluate the grouped data (total, average, minimum, maximum, …)? No problem! One click in the Footer group and you can already see the average income per department. Hora offers this level of comfort, which you would only expect to find from a table calculation, not only for the data contents, but wherever the data can be presented in tabular form.

SQL and PL/SQL support
The SQL Workbench allows you to produce scripts and PL/SQL blocks and also to store these for execution later. Joint project work is supported by the possibility to store SQL Code in a network. An output window can be used to either display or store the result set, to output the explain plan, or as PL/SQL output window (DBMS_OUTPUT). The integrated SQL editor offers syntax highlighting, options for formatting, and also the option of compiling and implementing the source code during the development. In the current version there is also code folding. In an outline window you can see the structure of the source code and can move with a mouse click to a procedure in a PL/SQL package. Hora supports the development, translation and testing of packages, procedures
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