KruzdaMain window.

Kruzda periodically (e.g. once per minute) monitors an arrival of new orders on a website. In case of receipt of a new order – on a dark background, on top of all windows message appears. Notification is made in such a way that the store manager turned his attention and processed the order.

Among other things, Kruzda is able to monitor applications for the chime. The screenshot shows an example of a script url to monitor requests on the call.

Client submits a request for a call and within minutes the monitor manager displays a notification.

Included with the program are scripts for popular CMS to configure the communications application and an online store.

Kruzda supports integration with the following CMS:
Drupal 7
Joomla 2 with module VirtueMart
Joomla 3 with module VirtueMart 3
Magento 1.9
Magento 2
ModX Revo 2 with module miniShop2
ModX Revo 2 with module Shopkeeper 2
ocStore 2
OpenCart 2
osCommerce 2
PrestaShop 1.4
Wordpress 4 with plugin Easy Digital Downloads
Wordpress 4 with plugin Welcart e-Commerce (Welcart Shop)
Wordpress 4 with plugin WooCommerce
Wordpress 4 with plugin WP eCommerce
Wordpress 4 with plugin WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart

If your online store is running on another engine, then drop a mail at [email protected] and I will try to help you to configure Kruzda.
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