Lenticular Photo Processor (free trial)

Lenticular Photo Processor (free trial)Lenticular Photo Processor program is designed to take the frame sets obtained by the Lenticular Photo Capture program and prepare them for printing. Within this program you can load frame sets, align the frames (the X and Y directions, rotation and zoom). This program also allows you to select the final crop and the final size of the finished image and interlace to the desired pitch. You can then print from this program.
One of the most tedious and time consuming parts of the lenticular image process is the alignment of the multiple images in a frame set. This is especially so when multiple cameras are used. The Lenticular Photo Processor program resolves this quickly and easily. By capturing a set of images of red-green target the program can automatically create an alignment file. This alignment file is used to correct all the frame sets taken at this session as long as the camera set up is not changed. The first step is to select the base reference frame; this will normally be one of the central frames. All the other frames will be scaled, aligned and shifted relative to this frame. So, each frame will be shifted by axis X and by axis Y, rotated and scaled. These corrections will all be saved in the special alignment file with .align extension. These files can be kept, loaded into the program and used to correct and align a series of frames.
You may to adjust the frames manually usig the shift, rotate and zoom program’s buttons or keys on the keyboard. You may shift the stereo window for all frames at once, shift the "zero point" for each separate frame.
This program allows you to automate the whole process from capturing the image to the printing. Besides the program saves the preset options for formulating the interlaced image: image size, lenticular pitch etc.
The Lenticular Photo Processor program accepts input formats BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, output files are TIFF. The color mode of input and output files is RGB. The program supports TIFF files with LZW compression. TIFF files containing more than 4 layers are not supported.
Attention: the program could not work without the latest software libraries from Microsoft 2010. Please, don’t forget to download and install them.
Please, download and install PitchTest for the lenticular sheet testing and VisualPitchCalc for the calculation a visual pitch.
More detailed information, the demo-version, samples and tutorials is available here.
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