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Let's ProtectLet’s Protect is a powerful and reliable data protection application designed to protect valuable files and folders either official’s, Confidential or Personal document’s from hacker’s, malwares, virus’s or prying eyes using advance industry standard military grade AES-256 bit File & Folder Encryption system! Let’s Protect uses encryption to securely protect user’s folder contents, which could contain anything from emails, chat histories, tax information, credit card numbers, photos, videos, personal identity related documents to any other sensitive information. This way, even if your comptuer hacked, lost or stolen atleast your data is not crompromised. Let’s Protect uses kernel level protection, ensuring maximum protection for the protected data. Let’s Protect make your data safe from viruses, worms, spywares, trojans, hackers and ransomwares. Because when you protect your data it is secured from any type of un-authorised access, without your permission. Let’s Protect is an easy-to-use securtiy software designed to protect & restrict access to the folders that contains your private & sensitive informations. With Let’s Protect GiB’s of data can be protected easily, with just few clicks. Let’s Protect is safe, secure, reliable and easy to use.
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Summary: official, 256 bit

Concepts: File system, Protection, Information, Computer virus, Document, Virus, Data, Folder

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