Lite Bluetooth Shell – Delphi VCL Bluetooth Components

Lite Bluetooth Shell - Delphi VCL Bluetooth ComponentsLite Bluetooth Shell is the most easy way to to establish serial Bluetooth connections and manage Bluetooth devices programmatically. The management of Bluetooth devices under various Windows desktop and Windows tablet versions is always different. The user of your Delphi application is left alone with the establishment of a Bluetooth connection using the Windows Control Panel. This leads to unnecessary support and requires additional explanation away from your actual Delphi application. This is exactly where the "Shell" takes over. Apart from the actual Bluetooth connection – the shell provides an uniform GUI to select and manage Bluetooth devices programmatically under different Windows versions.
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Concepts: Graphical user interface, Windows 7, Microsoft Windows, Desktop environment, Personal computer, Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows 1.0

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