LoopBe30 for Windows

LoopBe30 for WindowsLoopBe30
A virtual MIDI device for transferring MIDI data between applications.
Basically LoopBe30 provides 30 independent "invisible cables" to connect MIDI outports of applications to any other application’s MIDI inport.
You may connect up to 8 applications to every single inport and up to 8 application to every single outport, all sending and receiving at the same time. Every port provides the full 16 MIDI channels.
Near Zero Latency.
LoopBe30 is a native Windows™ 2k/XP WDM kernel mode driver. Expect the lowest possible latency.
Adjustable Number of ports – 1 to 30 in Windows Xp (1 to 9 in Windows 2000)
Select only the number you need and only that number of ports will be installed on your system and be visible in your audio applications. This will save system resources and usability.
This can be done using the system tray application (LoopBe30 Monitor). Additionally you can mute each MIDI port individually. A muted port behaves similarly to an audio device. All data sent to the port is simply discarded, but the sending application will not realize anything.
Enable or disable powerful MIDI Shortcut / Feedback Detection.
LoopBe30 comes with the powerful shortcut detection. It mutes its ports if the data rate is higher than the MIDI specification of 31.25 kbps. Sometimes it might be necessary or desirable to send more data, for example by sending excessive MIDI polyphonic aftertouch messages. A hardware legacy device would fail here, but not LoopBe30. If you want to send more data than allowed by the spec, and you are sure your setup is shortcut free, simply disable the shortcut detection.
Faster than a legacy Hardware Interface.
With the shortcut detection switched off you can send more MIDI data than would ever be possible with a legacy hardware interface and a real MIDI cable.
Simple Installation and Uninstallation.
Double-click the LoopBe30 installer and you are ready to use it. That’s all.
Starting the uninstaller will completely remove LoopBe30 from your system.
Free Evaluation Copy
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