Lucion FileCenter

Lucion FileCenter
Powerful Desktop Tools + Enhanced File Management
What Can You Do in a Mouse Click?
FileCenter gives you an array of powerful desktop tools along with enhanced file management that will finally give you an excuse to abandon Windows Explorer. In short, FileCenter is the best thing to happen to your files since the hard disk. With a single, clean interface and support for every kind of file, FileCenter brings all of your files together and gives you a bundle of easy-to-use tools:
Organize and access any file
Convert almost any file to PDF
Preview a document without opening it
Search all of your files
Zip any file or folder
Encrypt any file
Securely shred sensitive files
Apply standard folder layouts
Automatically name files
PDF-and-send any file by e-mail
Evolve out of the Stone Age
You browse your cutting-edge hard drive with the oldest software on your computer – Windows Explorer. It hasn’t evolved with:
New file formats
New programs
Huge disk drives
Mushrooming media libraries
PDF conversion needs
New security concerns
Mounds of files and e-mail
Organize Yourself – File Management
Consider how many pieces of your life are in the files on your computer. Keep it all at your fingertips.
Digital Photos
Media Libraries
Research & Assignments
E-mail & Correspondence
Financial Records
Business & Legal Documents
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