Mail Merge Sender for Microsoft Office Outlook

Mail Merge Sender for Microsoft Office OutlookMail Merge Sender is a powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook Add-In for sending personalized email messages to a great number of email addresses, distribution list and mailing list using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and 2003. The software will send every recipient an unique personalized email message without any other recipients’ names and email addresses. There is only one email address of the recipient’s in the email heading. It means the email will NOT be blocked by SPAM filter of the recipient’s, and the recipient only see his / her name and email address in the email message. The important email addresses of your recipients will NOT be leaked out. The software work as Mail Merge, but don’t need to install and start up Microsoft Office Word and Excel on your computer. It’s very easy to send the personalized email messages to everyone of a group of recipients: Start up Outlook, compose a new message, select Contacts and Distribution Lists or enter email addresses into the To field, simply click Send Email by Mail Merge Sender button. You don’t need to switch to Word for writing a new email message using Mail Merge function. The email message will be sent to all of email addresses, Contacts and Distribution Lists. The software can be used to send newsletters to your subscribers, or send an email marketing campaign to your customers. The software will automatically delete the duplicate email addresses when sending, it means that it will only send one email message to one email address. And the email message will NOT be moved to Junk E-mail folder in the recipient’s Outlook. Mail Merge Sender personalize every email message using Macro Variables in the Subject and Content (Body) of an email message. The Macro Variables include Recipient’s Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Distribution List Name. You don’t need to enter every contact’s name, email address and distribution list name into the email message, Mail Merge Sender will read these information from every Contact, and replace the macro variables in every sent email copy as Mail Merge (need not Microsoft Office Word and Excel). After receiving an email, the recipient will only see his / her name and email address in the email message. After sending, Mail Merge Sender will create a report of the sending to let you know who has been sent or not. And the software can permanently delete all sent copies from Sent Items folder after sending for avoiding duplicate email copies. You can compose a new email message and leave the To field blank, then click on Send Email by Mail Merge Sender button. It will prompt you for a list of email addresses (from any plain text file with one address per line). You don’t need to copy these email addresses from the TXT file and then paste them into the To field of the email, Mail Merge Sender will automatically read email addresses from the file and send email to them. The text file name will be used for Distribution List Name to replacing Macro Variables in the email message. Features High-speed send email to each recipient. Unlimited recipients’ email addresses supported. Ability to Send email to general Email Addresses, any Contacts and Distribution Lists. Business Contact Manager 2007 and 2003 supported. Don’t need to install or start up Office Word and Excel for mail merge. Automatically delete the duplicate email addresses from the recipients list when sending. Ability to read email addresses from a TXT file (one email address per line). Ability to insert and replace Macro Varibles in the source email. Ability to permanently delete the sent email copies from Sent Items folder after sending them. ( Optional ) Multiple formats of an email message are compatibled, including HTML, RTF, plain TEXT and more. Ability to send the email messages with attachments. Ability to delay sending to avoid overloading your ISP. ( Optional ) Warn if there is a blank subject or content in the source email. ( Optional ) Ability to create a report of the sending. The sent email messages will NOT be moved to Junk E-mail folder in the recipient’s Outlook. Easy to change the option: Work for all users on this computer, or only work for the current user. Easy to enable or disable this addin.
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