mail2disk Standard

mail2disk Standardmail2disk – The Outlook® Add-On for saving and archiving your emails.
The edition mail2disk standard was developed for the private and Home Office user. The inexpensive entry version is the first step towards organized and structured saving and archiving of your emails. By the help of categories you can specify the attributes for archiving your emails, such as folder, file name, file format and a lot of more details right away. This speeds up the actual archiving which is then done by one, or two clicks. All this is possible through the mail2disk toolbar, which plugs itself directly into the Microsoft® Outlook® user interface, available to you at any time you need to archive an email.
With mail2disk you are able to organize and store your emails the way the rest of your information is structured on your hard drive. Save the email where it belongs in terms of content! Either in self-selected folders on your local hard drive, a network drive or any other storage device – "outside" of Outlook®, where you usually store your project- and customer related, but also your private documents / flies.
Further information:
To the overview
Information about the Standard Version
Information about the Professional Version
The two versions in the comparison
Productinformation as PDF-Document
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