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MailEnable Scan LogScan MailEnable SMTP Log files and add spammer IP to SMTP-DENY.TAB. Block mass attack "HELO ylmf-pc" and many more. Trial version block only "HELO ylmf-pc", purchase license for block all spammers REQUIREMENTS – MailEnable (all version) – .NET Framework 4 INSTALLATION Download zip file, extract in your prefered directory and add a new Task Scheduler whitin 2 or 3 minutes.
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Summary: 3 minutes

Concepts: File system, .NET Framework, Software framework, Computer file, Block, .NET framework

/technology and computing/internet technology/email
/technology and computing/software/databases
/technology and computing/software

Tags: Scan MailEnable SMTP, Block mass attack, Trial version block, HELO ylmf-pc&quot, new Task Scheduler, INSTALLATION Download zip, .NET Framework, spammer IP, spammers REQUIREMENTS, Log files, purchase license, Software framework, .NET frameworkCategories, computing/internet technology/email/technology

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