Mask Integrator

Mask Integratorh1>Features:
The Mask Integrator is a tool that lets you crop or extract the motifs you photograph already while you are photographing them if you already work with the following applications:
Freemask or Freemask 1000 by Hensel: More Info
Other systems that can alternate two flash groups automatically (basic and backlight)
Manual alternation of two flash groups (Disadvantage: you can only photograph stationary objects)
Within a few steps you get perfectly cropped standalone subjects of the most complex motifs within seconds.

The Mask Integrator offers the following features:
Automated recognition and loading of new pictures whenever you connect your camera to your computer
Mask optimization of blacks and whites
Automated removal of shading elements on the edge of pictures
Use brushes to correct the shape of a mask
View the cropped picture while during photographing in front of white, black, transparent or a background of your choice
Scale and position your cropped pictures in front of your backgrounds
The scaling, placement and refinement of your masks remain unaltered throughout the entire session
Paging through the masked images and the backgrounds
Fine adjustment between the image and the mask (especially for Freemask and Freemask 1000)
Save one cropped or an entire folder containing cropped images with the click of one button
There are pros and cons to the various methods of cropping and extracting and there are some tricks you should have in mind while photographing. You certainly get the highest quality masks with Hensels Freemask or a similar system. This is where the Mask Integrator comes into play. With the standard Freemask system you are limited to the continuous shutter speed and your subjects or models must be as still as possible. With Freemask 1000 you can freeze even waving hair and isolate and crop them automatically with the Mask Isolator.
These are the resulting applications of the Mask Integrator:
Very quick masking of complex subjects or motifs when working with Freemask or a similar system
When you shoot certain motifs for a particular background you can scale and place them correctly and display them while you are shooting which helps you concentrate on the correct perspective, the lighting and the relation between foreground and background
If you have to shoot a lot of products in a batch the Mask Integrator can mask them during the shoot and place them before a white background
Very fast tuning of Freemask 1000
Target group
Product photographers
People photographers
All users of Hensel Freemask, Freemask 1000 or similar systems
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