MASPware GPSmeter 5

MASPware GPSmeter 5Do you still use your GPS device for navigating only?

Turn your Pocket PC into a high precision metering machine using your GPS receiver! With MASPware GPSmeter you can measure short and long distances (beeline or routelength), altitude differences, timespans, average values and min-max-values using an internal or external GPS receiver.
Whether measuring you golf drives, watch your running- or biking sessions, the route length to you work or whatever. Everythings no problem!
Precision depends on the GPS receiver you use. MASPware GPSmeter improves accuracy by calculating averages of position datasets. Furthermore, MASPware GPSmeter uses a High-Precision-Algorithm to evaluate precision values of the GPS receiver (Dilution of precision values).
So MASPware GPSmeter only uses high precision dataset values. Additionaly, you can use expert precision settings, to enforce needed precision!
Integrated Measurement Administration
Ability to save and reload measurements, so never loose a measurement anymore! Furthermore, you can run unlimited (limited by device memory) parallel measurements.
Waypoint Administration
(incl. pictured waypoints)
Full Graphical Analysis
(Altitude and Speed Profil) incl. point value views
Track Visualisation incl. Map/Picture Overlay
and it comes with a free map calibration tool for Windows PC!
Fully Customizable Detailed View
configure each seperate field with several metering values:
– standards like length, beeline, difference in altitude
– averages (full/in motion)
– minimum/maximim values (speed/altitude)
– meters in height (positiv/negativ)
– metering times (time in motion/no move time/overall time)
– and many more values…
Full Bordcomputer
(incl. waypoint locator and tendency views)
More Features:
– support for free quoox|TRACKER (
– NMEA0183 compatibel (supports nearly all gps receivers!)
– supports wired, wireless (bluetooth) and integrated GPS receivers
– automated gps detection
– metric, nautic and statute/imperial(US/UK) system
– DMS,DM,DS and UTM, SwissGrid or Maidenhead coordinate view
– full automated auto-saving-ability
– own expert settings (e.g. DOP-Thresholds)
– run in background, e.g. use navigation tool at the same time
– stopwatches for additional time measurments
– export to Google Earth, GPX and CSV (Raw-Data)
– network interface (for GPS dataset query via network)
– incl. time/length (e.g. time/mile) view for runners
– real support for high resolution screens!
– add warnings (speed, altitude, battery)
– automated Updates
– send positions vid eMail or SMS
– manual in .PDF-Format
– and many many more…
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