Master Bender EEC Edition (Electrician’s Electrical Calculator)

Master Bender EEC Edition (Electrician's Electrical Calculator)Developed in collaboration with an IBEW Inside Wireman, Master Bender EEC Edition (formerly Electrician”s Electrical Calculator) is designed for field work by professional electricians. The program is already being used throughout the country.
Master Bender EEC Edition takes care of the math for electricians:
Scientific calculator with trig, power, logarithms, constants, conversions, and more
DC and AC calculations of Ohm’s Law
Power formulas for computing horsepower, kilowatts, and volt-amps
Unit conversions of more than 250 units in 19 categories
Series and parallel circuits computations of resistance, capacitance, inductance, and impedance
Reactance computation — both capacitive and inductive
Locked rotor current
Tables of the sizes of the common conduits, drills and taps, and lug torque
"Cheat-sheet" for bending using the cosecant method
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