MDG BPSim Execution Engine floating user lic. [MDGBPSIMFLOAT]

MDG BPSim Execution Engine floating user lic. [MDGBPSIMFLOAT]MDG BPSim Execution Engine concurrent user lic. (SKU: MDGBPSIMFLOAT) Enterprise Architect gives you the ability to configure a BPSim simulation against a BPMN diagram. The BPSim capability offers the interested modeler and business strategist an unprecedented flexibility in assigning operational information to a model and then assessing the quality of the solution based on information received back from the Simulation engine. This allows them to test ideas, identify optimal staffing ratios, experiment with probabilities, alter the timing and duration of events and eliminate bottlenecks, all before committing funds to project implementation. The Floating Licenses are suitable for companies who wish to track their users of their licence’s, providing the facility to administer the licenses via the Sparx Enterprise Key Store.
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Summary: Enterprise Architect, Sparx

Concepts: Project management, Operations research, Design, Enterprise architecture, Implementation, Strategic management, Quality control

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