Mercalli V4 SAL + Video Stabilizer + CMOS Correction

Mercalli V4 SAL + Video Stabilizer + CMOS CorrectionMercalli V4 SAL is more than just a stabilizer; with the addition of dynamic CMOS correction to remove skew, wobble, jello, and vibration jitter that traditional stabilization software and gimbals cannot remove. Mercalli V4 SAL+ is so advanced that you no longer need to worry about holding the camera still or mounting with a gimbal. Focus on capturing the action; Mercalli V4 SAL+ can make it look great.
Some other key facts about the new Mercalli V4 SAL+:
New – Automatic CMOS correction – remove jello/wobble/skew distortions caused by vibration and oscillations which requires almost no zoom-in, with 3 modes for quality/rendering speed;
New – Stabilization engine with major image quality improvements and new Dynamic zoom, which optimizes the amount of zoom-in required constantly, resulting in the absolute maximum resolution & view area. New engine optimally stabilizes warped (fisheye) video from action cams
New – Additional editing options including the ability to merge multiple video clips into one, or split a clip into segments
New – Video de-noising & sharpening option to clean up grainy, dull-looking videos
New – Enhanced Batch Processing can now analyze all videos in a batch as well as export corrected videos as a batch process
New – Additional export formats supported, including Apple ProRes, HEVC/H2.65, and Dolby AC-3 audio.
And much more…
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