métier Scan2PDF Professional 18 (with OCR)

métier Scan2PDF Professional 18 (with OCR)métier Scan2PDF ("scan to pdf") Professional 17
Scan2PDF: The simpliest way to produce pdf-files from documents, paper copies, photographies or even slides
With only one click you will be able to scan one page or even a whole pile of pages.
Optical Character Recognition
Plug and Play: self-describing user interface.
Integrated PDF-Viewer
Integrated PDF archive
Multilingual: Languages (English, French, German, Italiano, Nederlands, Portuguese, Spanish, Russion) switchable at any time.
Scan2PDF is well tried, reliable, standardized
Since 2000 on the market, now Version 16
Made in Germany
Stable also in case of extremely data intensive scans
Supports all scanners with twain interface: flatbed scanners and multifeed scanners, highspeed scanners and also multifunction systems with a scanning device, single side or duplex. Supports also WIA devices e.g. cameras.

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Summary: Optical Character Recognition, user interface, twain, Germany

Concepts: Image scanner, Scan, German language, Unicode, Optical character recognition

/technology and computing/hardware/computer peripherals/printers, copiers and fax/scanners
/travel/tourist destinations/japan
/technology and computing/consumer electronics/camera and photo equipment/cameras and camcorders/cameras

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