Meyer Handy Atlas 1892

Meyer Handy Atlas 1892Overview and detailed view of the World at the end of XIXth century, for all operating systems.
100 maps of Europe and the full Earth surface.
These maps have been printed in 1892 and show the political boundaries at the end of 19th century.
All maps are in German but the table of contents and the titles are trilingual (German, French, English).
Each maps is presented at a size of nearly 2 600 by 3 400 pixels with a resolution of 300 dpi.
Images are discretely watermarked.
E-mail shipping
You will receive, after payment, a download link valid for 24 hours with login and password.

Physical shipping
You will receive, in addition, a CD-ROM copy of the Meyer Handy Atlas by post. Physical shipping costs are 11 euros for all countries.
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