MilegdaProgram window

We draw a logo in the Photoshop and we saved logo file in the PNG format (for transparency support).

After processing have received the compressed picture with the put logo.
The picture 1920×1276 px and physical weighing 344 KB has been reduced to the size 850×565 px and the weight of 54 KB.

Other examples of the processed images
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Summary: 344 KB, 54 KB

Concepts: Portable Network Graphics, File format, Data compression, Graphic design, Weight

/business and industrial/energy/natural gas
/technology and computing/software/graphics software
/art and entertainment/visual art and design/design/graphic design

Tags: Portable Network Graphics, Program window, transparency support, PNG format, KB, compressed picture, Data compression, industrial/energy/natural gas/technology, computing/software/graphics software/art, entertainment/visual art, logo file, Graphic design, design/design/graphic design, File format, px, Photoshop, examples, imagesSummary, KBConcepts, size, weight

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